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  • Knight Swimming Suit
    Place this item in the Costume Slot. Only Knights can use this item. To use, click on the Costume tab and drag the item into the Costume Slot. Wearing a costume does not affect the protection and features of your equipped armor.
    * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • Alliance of Glory - Kamit
    Only Alliance Commanders can use Alliance of Glory.
  • Super Divine HP C
    Use the Super Divine Health Pack for instant automatic recovery of 1600HP. Right-click or place in F1-F6slots and pressing the appropriate key.
    * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • Fiore Mix Potion Package B
    HP Recovery : 1500 / MP Recovery : 500
    Effect : Recovers 1500 HP and 500 MP.
    * Needs 1 Inventory Slot / 500EA / 1000EA / 1500EA in Package
    Consumable Item
  • Veteran's Amulet 30 Days
    Use the Veteran's Amulet to gain a veteran's skills,boosting your experience gain by 20% . As an added
    bonus you get auto-fishing! Use like any amulet by placing in one of equipment slots next to your helmet.
    Note that time limits begin upon purchase and are based on real time,not game time.

    * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • Guild of Glory - Saphire
    Guild Mark Effects : Accessory items used to create special effects on a guild's mark. The effect is purely
    cosmetic and doesn't affect any stats.
  • Veteran's Lucky Charm 30days
    Caution: This item can only be used at Level 101 or higher. Caution: More than 2 of this item may be equipped,but its effect does not stack.
  • Blacksmith's Talisman 5
    The Blacksmith's Talisman adds an 18% chance of success when attempting to insert a gem into a weapon
    or armor socket.
    * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • Bagi Warrior's Adv. Suit 15
    Bagi's Adventurer Attire
    purchase warning Window : This Item cannot be traded withothers, only Bagis can equip it.
  • Soul of Alchemist
    Soul of Alchemist adds an 18% chance of success when creating a socket in a weapon or armor item.

    * This item cannot be gifted or traded