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  • Summoner's Occasion
    Place this item in the Costume Slot. Only Summoners can use this item. To use, click on the Costume tab and drag the item into the Costume Slot. Wearing a costume does not affect the protection and features of your equipped armor.
    * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • Storage Mastery
    Storage Mastery increases your storage capacity in the warehouses by 50 cells. If you purchase two Storage
    Mastery items you can expand by a maximum of 100 extra cells
    * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • Demi
    An egg that will hatch into a pet called Woody/Wiki/Ariel/Kitty/Demi/White teger. Consumable Item: Use the Egg item to hatch a pet creature.Attention: You can possess many pet eggs, but you can possess only one pet at any time. After an egg has hatched and become a pet, it cannot be turned back into an egg.
  • Fiore Mix Potion Package A
    HP Recovery : 1500 / MP Recovery : 500
    Effect : Recovers 1500 HP and 500 MP.
    * Needs 1 Inventory Slot / 500EA / 1000EA / 1500EA in Package
    Consumable Item
  • Chiwoo Heaven King's Mask
    Accessories : a hat Click on the Costume tab and then
    place the item in the Costume Slot.

    * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • Great Holy Ghost Powder
    Effect : This continuous buff item increases your Attack Power by 7% and Defense by 15% for 10 minutes.

    * Requires 1 Inventory slot/100 Count. Consumable Item Caution: This item's effect lasts until the time limit
    expires. (Its duration pauses between logins.)Caution: A character can useonly up to 10 continuous buffs at
    a time. (Buffs of the same kind cannot be used at the same time.)
  • Bagi School Uniform 15
    When buying 2011 Bagi School Uniform
    purchase warning Window : This Item cannot be traded withothers, onlyBagis can wear this item.
  • Super Magic HP A
    Use the Super Magic Health Pack for instant automatic recovery of 480HP. Right-click or place in F1-F6
    slots and pressing the appropriate key.
    * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • Valis Mix Potion Package B
    HP Recovery : 1000 / MP Recovery : 1000
    Effect : Recovers 1000 HP and 1000 MP.
    * Needs 1 Inventory Slot / 500EA / 1000EA / 1500EAin Package
    Consumable Item
  • Miere MP Potion B
    Recovers a character's Mana(MP) by 3,200.
    * Uses up 1 slot in inventory / 1,000ea /5000ea Usable by characters Level 130 and above Consumable Item